The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) was adopted by the amended of SOLAS Chapter XI,  and re-identified as Chapter XI-1 and a new Chapter XI-2 was adopted "on special measures to enhance maritime security" (ISPS Code, Page iii).

The preamble of this Code indicates that "chapter XI-2 and Part A of this Code establish the new international framework of measures to enhance maritime security and through which ships and port facilities can co-operate to detect and deter acts which threaten security in the maritime transport sector" (ISPS Code, Part B, Page 37).

The ISPS Code requires that the Company ensures that a ship security assessment (SSA) be carried out for each ship in the Company´s fleet. As stated in the ISPS Code Part B 8.3, "an SSA should address the following elements on board or within the ship. a) prhysical security, b) structural integrity, c) personnel protection system, d) procedural policies, e) radio and telecommunication system, including computer system and network, and f) other areas that may, if damaged or used for illicit observation, pose a risk to persons, property, or operations on board the ship or whithin a port facility."

The ISPS Code requires a Ship Security Plan for each ship of the fleet which should detail the organization structure of security for the ship, among others. The ISPS Code should establish securiry measures to access control to the ship; identify the restricted areas onboard and security measures to be taken to control access to these areas; security measures relating to cargo handling to prevent tampering; security measures relating to the delivery of ship´s stores; which security measures have been taken fo handling unaccompanied baggage; capability to monitor the ship, the restricted areas on board, and surrounding areas; establish details of the procedures and security measures to be adopted if the vessel is at different security level that a port facility; activities not coverred by the Code; procedures to request for declaration of security; and (9.53) "The Ship Security Plan should establish how the Company Security Officer and the Ship Security Officer intend to audit the continued effectiveness of the SSP and the procedure to be followed to review, update or amend the SSP".

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