Internal ISM audits are mandatory, and should be performed under annual basis as per ISM Code, Clause 12.1: “Internal safety audits are now required to be carried out on board and ashore at intervals not exceeding 12 months, in extreme exceptional cases it can be extended to 3 months.”

The Objectives of the Code:

1 ) It acts  as a tool to monitor how  well the SMS system is implemented


Hull structure concepts on internal audits and inspections

During HSSEQ ISM ISPS Audits, internal auditors shall verify, among others, the compliance with the objective of the Code: (ISM Code 1.2.1) “The objectives of the Code are to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance of damage to environment, in particular to the marine environment and to property”, this mean that internal auditor must


Recently during a PSC Inspection onboard one of our customer´s vessel, it was noted by PSC inspector that few operations of OWS were not entered in the Oil Record Book. This particular OWS has an inbuilt memory which had a menu that allows recovering records from OWS. PSC inspector requires to in charge officer to going into the menu and retrieves the dates and timings of operations.


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